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Welcome to chem 1412!!

Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.
William Shakespeare

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.
Warren Buffett

 "A good grade is like money, you need to work hard to get it !!"

Dr Claudio Carra 

for questions, please email-me

Fall, 2017

Class n. 59881 (Alief Campus):  Tue, Thr (rm B226) at 6.00 - 8.50 pm. [please register here]
Chemistry 1412 – General Chemistry II is a sequence of first-year college chemistry, which serves as a prerequisite for further courses in Science. This course treats topics such as chemical equilibrium, kinetics, thermochemistry and acid-base topics, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and introductory concepts in organic chemistry. One eight-hour lectures on Saturdays per week. The attendance, participation, and homework are highly acknowledged!

Prerequisite: CHEM 1411; must be placed into college-level reading (or take GUST 0342 as a co-requisite) and be placed into MATH 0312 (or higher) and be placed into college-level writing (or take ENGL 0310/0349 as a co-requisite).

Credit: 4 (3 lecture, 3 lab). Essentially the student must have a very good knowledge on: 1st and 2nd order equations, fractions, exponents and logarithms. For any math problem go here

Text Book: Chemistry the Central Science     Index

Lab Manual: Laboratory Manual for Chem 1412, General chemistry II, HCC, by G. H. Pahlavan, Y. Bai, W. Askew. Different releases are allowed. Available in the bookstore. 

The text book and the lab manual are required!

Office hours: Alief Campus, Tue - Thr 12.00 - 2.00pm. 

Class n. 59881 (Alief Campus) [ Class ID: 17316451 ]

1,16,2018    no class
1,18,2018    intro,  chapter 13
1,23,2018    chapter 13, 14
1,25,2018    Lab 11 
1,30,2018    chapter 14
2,01,2018    Lab 4
2,06,2018    chapter 15
2,08,2018    Lab 5  
2,13,2018    review on chapter 15, (math exercises due)
2,15,2018    game 1
2,20,2018    test 1 on chapters 13-15
2,22,2018    chapter 16 
2,27,2018    review on chapter 16
3,01,2018    lab 6
3,06,2018    chapter 17
3,08,2018    Lab 10
3,13,2018    spring break
3,15,2018    spring break
3,20,2018    game 2
3,22,2018    test 2 on chapters 16-17
3,27,2018    chapter 19
3,29,2018    review on chapter 19
4,03,2018    lab 7
4,05,2018    chapter 20
4,10,2018    review on chapter 20
4,12,2018    game 3
4,17,2018    test 3 on chapters 19-20
4,19,2018    lab
4,24,2018    chapter 21
4,26,2018    chapter 24
5,01,2018    Lab 13
5,03,2018    make up test 3
5,08,2018    super game
5,10,2018    Final on all the program

The schedule may be subjected to changes during the semester

Laboratory Material: Laboratory notebook, scientific calculator. Laboratory goggles will be provided.

Lectures: Four 8h lectures per week. Along with presentation and discussion of material, some time will be used to answer questions and demonstrate problem-solving techniques. At the beginning of each class there will be a quiz relative to the previous and following chapters. The student has to review what has been done in class, and study in advance what will be done. My goal is to maximize the change of your understanding of the chemical problems, in a friendly and enjoyable environment.  

If you have any questions that you would like discussed about essentially anything related to the course, please raise them during lecture or contact me to schedule an appoint at HCC for a more discussion. My sole reason for being here is to help you understand the significance and beauty of this science.

Strategies to achieve a high score 

This class demands about 60 hours home work for student with good fit with the prerequisite required, otherwise the time might rise up to 150 hours. By doing that, typically the chances of getting A are about 95%. Please make sure to check if your working load fits your schedule.

Homework: As a direct experience, science gets absorbed by human brain rather slowly, so it will be very useful to have some homework. However, it will be designed to take about than 30 min per day, but please, NO PROCRASTINATION! Work a bit every day, and you’ll find yourself with the work done in almost no effort. This is part of your education: master your time and schedule it properly.The homework has to be tuned in with There will be 1 point for all homework done for each class, which will count for the final grade. 

Tutoringfollow the link

Alief Campus, Tuesday rm B202, from 12p to 2pm, Dr Dang

Lab report: at the beginning of each lab the student has to upload on the pre-lab report. After the lab, by the following class, the Post lab has to be uploaded in Please click on the following link  for details.   

Taking Notes: Regardless the general habit, the student HAS TO TAKE notes of each class. This is a fundamental technique that will allow the student to better remember and understand the study material. If the student will bring a hand written copy of the class notes written twice, this first time about 5 pages, the second about 2 as summary,  not later than the following chapter, he/she will receive 1 point. Late notes 1/2 point.

If necessarily, the missing concepts can be integrated by looking at the book.

Writing the class notes twice will help the memorization of the key concepts. Regardless, the book has to be read to complete the knowledge.

Laboratory: According to schedule. The attendance is mandatory. The student has to take note of the experiment procedure and results. The corresponding pre-lab questions must be done before starting the experiment. The Lab coat is mandatory


Student accessibility: If necessarily, additional communication will be sent by email. It is a student responsibility making sure to check regularly the HCC email or to forward it to his/her personal email. No excuses in this regard will be accepted. 

  Wanna change your preferred HCC email? Do you have a smart phone?

Items required in class: for each class, the student must have a Scientific Calculator, or not,  please make sure that thecalculator can perform logarithmic and exponential functions, as well as scientific notation. At least Two pens of different color

The student must be able to use his/her own calculator. Calculators cannot be shared during quizzes or tests. Notebooks, paper, pencils, and pens (black or blue ink) are also required.

Safety: Lab goggles must be worn ALL TIME during the lab experiment. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Other rules: no shorts or short skirts (long pants are best), no sandals (only shoes that cover the entire foot), tie back long hair. No food. These are general lab safety protocols. Please review general HCC lab policy

Attendance: Regular class attendance is a student’s obligation. It will be taken at the end of the class, and valid only if the student has taken the class notes and done the assignments. If a student is 30 min late, he/she will be considered absent. If for some reason a student misses class, it is his or her responsibility to check on this web site the corresponding make up work to do to recover the missed material. An absence justification it is not necessarily, I like to assume that it is always for a good reason. As stated in the HCC Student Handbook, a student may be dropped from the course if the student’s accumulated absences are in excess of 12.5% of the hours of instruction. Therefore if a student is absent more than three times, he/she can be dropped from the class. The instructor has the full authority to drop a student for excessive absences; however, it is the responsibility of the student to drop a course by the withdrawal date. If a student just stops coming to the class and does not drop the course, he/she will get an “FX” in the class.

Grading: Your grade will be composed as detailed below:

Tests 1,2                        40 % of your final grade 
Final Test                       35 % 

Pre Lab / Post Lab       15 % 

Poster (mandatory)      up to 5 points

Homework                     10 % of your final grade

class notes                   1 point

math exercises            3 points (within the first 2 classes!)

Board Exercise            1 point per exercise

Excuses, or questions whose answers are here,
or sentences like "I need A or
B to ..."                              -1 point

no books; no pre-lab     -3 points

lab absence                    -5 points

Two tests, each one covering three chapters, will be given in this course. There are no make-ups for any test !! If you miss a test for any reason, you will receive a grade of zero (0) on it. You will be NOT allowed to drop the lowest grade. 

Final Exam: A common final exam covering all chapters will be given to all CHEM 1412 classes. If you miss the final exam, you will receive a grade of zero (0) on it. The final exam score will count as 35% of your course grade.

Your grade will be determined by your percentage of the total points possible, according to the scale below.

You must have done at least 2 problems correctly in the second part of the final test, and to have passed at least one test to get A. 

Points        Letter grade

91-100              A

81-90                 B

70-80                 C

60-69                 D  (failed)

Below 60           F or FX  (failed)

You cannot leave the room without permission during a test.

Academic Honesty Policy: As members of a scholarly community dedicated to healthy intellectual development, students and faculty at HCC are expected to share the responsibility for maintaining high standards of honesty and integrity in their academic work. Each student should reflect this sense of responsibility toward the community by submitting work that is a product of his or her own effort in a particular course, unless the instructor has directed otherwise. In order to clarify and emphasize its standards for academic honesty, the College has adopted this policy. The following are examples of violations of standards for academic honesty and are subject to academic sanctions:

Cheating on exams; submitting collaborative work as one's own; falsifying records, achievements, field or laboratory data, or other course work; stealing examinations or course materials; submitting work previously submitted in another course, unless specifically approved by the present instructor; falsifying documents or signing an instructor's or administrator's name to any document or form; plagiarism, or aiding another student in any of the above actions." If the student fail to comply, the score of the corresponding assignment will be set to "0", with not makeups. 

Disability Support Services: The Houston Community College System is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (section 504). If any student has any disabilities or special needs that may affect his/her success in this course, the student needs to contact the Office of Disability Support Services in the college. The counselor will determine the reasonable accommodation or modification, upon reviewing the student’s documents. The instructor is authorized to provide only the accommodations requested by the Disability Support Services Office. For more information, students may contact Mr. Jett Fris at 713-718-7218 OR 713-718-7218.

General policy: The use of cellular phones and other electronic devices (ipods, headphones, etc.) during classroom interaction or tests is not permitted. Cellular phones must be turned to the non-audible mode until after class, at which time calls can be received or checked. The college requires the instructor to keep accurate records and to report when students are not attending class. The wearing of hats and caps in class is not allowed and students will be invited to remove their hats and caps. Please, stay awake in class. The student has to be able to actively process the information presented.

HCC is committed to provide a learning and working environment that is free from discrimination on the basis of sex which includes all forms of sexual misconduct. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 requires that when a complaint is filed, a prompt and thorough investigation is initiated. Complaints may be filed with the HCC Title IX Coordinator available at 713 718-8271 or email at [email protected]