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Lab access
Please keep in mind that in order to access the lab you must:  
  1. Have done the corresponding prelab work (-5 points of penalty).
  2. Comply with the dressing code.
  3. Have the lab coat (safety goggles will be provided).
  4. have watched the ACS safety video
  5. Have learned the lab equipment and procedure
Laboratory reports guidelines

The laboratory report is divided in two sessions: Pre-Lab to be prepared before the lab, and Post-Lab to be prepared after the experiment. Both have to be uploaded in, as a MS-Word file. You can upload the fine only once, and you cannot resubmit.   

You have to use the following template files



Here some examples of lab reports.
 , lab2.pdf 

Class Class ID: 17316451

PRE LAB   (example)

It must contain:

    1.  A paragraph describing the experience procedure.

    2.  the answers of the "pre-lab" questions of the corresponding experience, see lab-book.

POST LAB (example)

follow the link for examples and guidelines.

1. one paragraph on procedure

2. two paragraphs on discussion, you MUST indicate why you have some observations.

avoid sentence, like "I have learned that... " and try to avoid the first person subject, as "I did this..."